Terms & Conditions

For Domestic Customers: Consumer Contract Conditions

For Business and Commercial Customers: Contract Conditions (“Contract Conditions”)

  1. The Parties

    1. The Contractor is Manor Roofing Limited (Company number 02105698) of Old Station Yard, Station Road, Deeping St James, Lincs, PE6 8RQ (the “Contractor”).

    2. The Customer is the entity to whom the Contractors' Quotation is addressed (whether an individual, firm, company or other party) (the “Customer”).

  2. The Works, the Quotation, the Premises and the Price

    1. The “Works” is the works that the Contractor shall carry out which shall be those works specifically stated within the Contractor’s quotation (the “Quotation”). Any works, services or goods that are not expressly included within the Quotation are excluded from

      the Works. The Contractor is not responsible for the design of the Works.

    2. The “Premises” is the location where the Works shall be undertaken.

    3. The “Price” is the price for the Works is that shown in the Quotation, as may be adjusted by the provisions of these Consumer Contract Conditions.

    4. The Price is based upon the cost of materials and labour at the date of the Quotation. The Price may be adjusted at any time at the discretion of the Contractor as a variation, to include any increases in these costs from the date of the Quotation up to the completion of the Works

  3. The Quotation, the formation of any contract, and the application of these Consumer Contract Conditions

    1. Unless otherwise stated in the Quotation, the Quotation issued by the Contractor is valid only for a period of sixty days from the date of its issue.

    2. Any Quotation issued by the Contractor is only an invitation to treat and no order of the Customer placed with the Contractor shall be binding on the Contractor unless and until accepted by the Contractor. A contract shall only be formed upon the Contractors acceptance of the Customer’s offer and any contract entered between the Contractor and the Customer shall be subject to these Consumer Contract Conditions and to the exclusion of all other terms advanced by the Customer or contained in any of other documents.

    3. These Consumer Contract Conditions will prevail where any contract remains unsigned at the first performance of the Works.

    4. No variation to these Consumer Contract Conditions shall be accepted by the Contractor without the express written authorisation of a Director of the Contractor.

  4. Contractor’s responsibilities

    1. The Contractor will carry out the Works with reasonable care and skill, to a reasonable standard, and within a reasonable period of time or any extension made to it. 

  5. Customer’s responsibilities

    1. The Customer shall:

      1. Make available to the Contractor free of charge and for the full duration of the Works, all requisite water, mains electric power, welfare facilities, and storage accommodation required for undertaking the Works together with any such other attendances or facilities stated in the Quotation. 

      2. Apply for any planning permission, building regulations approval and party wall consent that may be needed for the Contractor to carry out and complete the Works and ensure that all relevant permissions have been obtained prior to the commencement of the Works; 

      3. Give the Contractor access to the Premises during the agreed working hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and any shutdown periods advised by the Contractor) throughout the working period; 

      4. Keep the working areas sufficiently clear of obstructions to allow the Contractor to carry out the work; 

      5. Allow the Contractor to carry out the work in an order which the Contractor considers appropriate. 

  6. Materials or goods

    1. The Contractor shall use materials which are of satisfactory quality and suitable for their intended purpose. The materials will be new unless the Quotation states to the contrary or the parties agree otherwise. 

    2. Where existing materials are for any reason required to be temporarily removed and set aside for re-use, the Contractor shall not be held responsible for any damage or breakage. The costs of replacement of any existing materials shall be charged as a variation under these conditions. 

    3. The Contractor will not be liable for: 

      1. The satisfactory quality or fitness for purpose of any materials or goods chosen or supplied by the Customer; or  

      2. The use of the materials or goods for any special purpose instead of for any normal purposes. 

    4. Any sample materials provided by the Contractor, or the Customer are only to be accepted as showing substance and general character since equality of the bulk in colour, size or shape cannot be guaranteed by the Contractor 

    5. The Contractor shall retain full title and ownership of all goods and materials (whether fixed or unfixed) until such time as the Price is paid in full by the Customer.

  7. Insurances

    1. Before the Works start the Customer shall inform his household insurers, if any, that the Customer is about to have work done at the Premises. The Customer is responsible for providing any and all insurance related to the Premises, existing structures and contents. 

    2. The Contractor shall hold an up-to-date public liability policy for the entire duration of the Works. 

  8. Health and safety

    1. The Contractor will take reasonable steps to prevent or minimise health and safety risks to the Customer and other people living in or visiting the Premises. 

    2. The Customer shall adhere to all obligations imposed upon the Customer by The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, take notice of all warnings the Contractor gives about any health, safety or environmental risks, and not knowingly allow people living in or visiting the Premises to be exposed to any dangers from the Works. 

  9. Variations

    1. The Customer may not vary the Works without the approval of the Contractor. If the Contractor agrees to vary the Works, then the Contractor shall adjust the Price for the variation to the Works. 

    2. If the Works are varied under clause 9.1 or deemed varied pursuant to any other condition of these Consumer Contract Conditions, then the Contract Sum will be adjusted by: 

      1. Written agreement beforehand, if possible; or if not then 

      2. Later written agreement; or if not then 

      3. Referring to the Price or Quotation; or if not then 

      4. By a fair and reasonable amount.  

    3. If unexpected works arises, the Contractor shall notify the Customer of the unexpected work and seek instructions as to how the Customer wishes for the Contractor to proceed. Any instruction to undertake unexpected additional work shall be a variation. 

  10. The working period

    1. Unless specific durations are agreed in writing between the Customer and Contractor, the Contractor shall commence and complete the Works within a reasonable time period.  

    2. In the event that the carrying out and completion of the Works are adversely affected by circumstances reasonably beyond the control of the Contractor; or any Variation to the Works; or any Suspension of the Works; or any act, omission or failure of the Customer which impacts upon the carrying out and completion of the Works; or Covid-19 or pandemic (of the consequent effects thereof); then the Contractor shall be entitled to a fair and reasonable extension to any agreed duration for the Works. The Contractor can claim any reasonable costs arising from the working period being extended because of any delay which is not caused by the Contractor.  

    3. The Contractor does not have to provide any goods or services before the end of the 14-day cancellation period referred to in condition 13. If the Customer would like the Contractor to provide any of those goods or services before this time, the Customer must confirm this in writing. The Customer accepts that the Customer will have to pay for those goods or services, even if the Customer later cancels the contract. 

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